Historical Consulting

I am passionate about history and military history and I was able to transform this interest in a part of my professional activities!

To be more specific:

  •  Since 2014, I am the author of articles and news for Focus Storia, an Italian history magazine.
  • I was historical and military consultant for the Italian series Forze d’Elite published by Osprey and RBA. My mission was to check and correct all technical and terminological mistakes introduced during the translation of the English original text.
  • Since 2005, I write and translate articles about military history for the following magazines: Focus Storia, Milites, Histoire de la Marine, La Grande Guerra (I am a member of the Scientific Board), Cahiers de la Méditerranée, Aquile in Guerra, British Archaeological Reports…).
  • As I am a collector of photographs and documents linked to the Great War, I often help people to identify and estimate the value of WW1 items.